Design & Modification of High Altitude Long Endurance Unmanned Aircraft.

– Using Engineering skills, modeling of the UAV is done by the using of CATIA software.
– Analysis is carried out for the morphing wing (swept and un-swept condition) such as CFD Analysis,
– Performance, CG Estimation and Flight Control Process have estimated by using ANSYS software.
– Modeling is carried out by using Software CATIA V-5.
– Analysis is done by using ANSYS.

Conceptual design of “Aircraft Design Project- I & II” (Based on Fighter Aircraft)
– Using Literature Survey Weight and Drag Estimation, selection of Aerofoil, Power plant design of Wing and Tail is carried out.

*Specialty : Student, Good Listener & Learner

Significant Research Component
Interceptor Drone
High Speed Jet Engine
Pulse Jet Engine For Drones
Fixed Wing U.A.V